Discounted Tours Promotion Terms and Conditions


In this Promotion the following definitions apply: 

Customer means a person who purchases a Tour Package from a Participating Tour Provider.  

Excluded Person means any:  

(a) owner, officer, staff member, volunteer, or employee of RIA, the Participating Tour Provider or any business or contractor operating at or from Rottnest Island, or any friend, relative (including relative by marriage) or partner of any of an owner, officer, staff member, volunteer, or employee of RIA, the Participating Tour Provider or any business or contractor operating at or from Rottnest Island. 

Participating Tour Provider means one of the following tour operators: 

Wadjemup Trading Pty Ltd trading as Rottnest Express  

Skydive Geronimo WA IPL trading as Skydive Geronimo  

Sea West / Quay Ventures Pty Ltd trading as Rottnest Cruises 

Segway Tourism  Ptd Ltd trading as Segway Tours WA 

Paul Bowers trading as Paul’s Eco E-Bikes 

Rottnest Air Taxi Pty Ltd 

A+N Enterprises Pty Ltd trading as ADAMS Rottnest. 

Promotion relates to discounted Tour Packages offered by Participating Tour Providers during the Promotion Period. 

Promotion Period means the period during which Eligible Persons may purchase a Tour Package from a Participating Tour Provider. The Promotion Period ends 31 October 2021. 

RIAmeans Rottnest Island Authority.  

Tour Package means a specific package offered for purchase as part of the Promotion by a Participating Tour Provider and includes a tour or experience departing from the Island offered at 50% off the price usually offered by the Participating Tour Provider, a ferry fare to the Island, and free admission to Rottnest Island.    

Travel Period is the period during which the Customer must travel to Rottnest Island to receive the Tour Package.  The Travel Period may vary per Participating Tour Provider – see Participating Tour Providers terms and conditions.     



To be eligible to participate in this Promotion you must:

  1. not be an Excluded Person.
  2. purchase a Tour Package from a Participating Tour Provider during the Promotion Period.
  3. travel to Rottnest Island during the Travel Periods specified by Participating Tour Provider from whom Tour Package is purchased.

Supplementary Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of this Promotion are supplementary to a Participating Tour Provider’s terms and conditions which will apply to a purchased Tour Package.

Other Matters
1.Participating in this Promotion is deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions.

2. Tour Packages offered by Participating Tour Providers as part of this Promotion are:

a. subject to availability. Unforeseen problems, such as inclement weather or the State Emergency Coordinator issuing Directions to Lockdown, may result in Tour Packages referred to in this Promotion being cancelled. Customers must check Participating Tour Providers terms and conditions in relation to refunds, credits etc., and be satisfied of the Tour Package offered and its terms and conditions.
b. subject to change. While great care has been taken to ensure accuracy of all prices and descriptions, RIA and each Participating Tour Provider reserves the right to correct any errors and adjust prices, especially for GST, customs duty or other statutory charges that are out of their control.
c. not available for purchase in conjunction with any other offer, special, discount or promotion.

3. Exception for liability which cannot be excluded, RIA accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damages whatsoever or howsoever arising from participating in this Promotion.

RIA may collect personal information as part of this Promotion. Customers consent to their personal information being collected, stored and used for this purpose in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 1992 and RIA’s Privacy Policy which can be viewed at


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