Fall in Love with the Beaches of Rottnest Island


Rottnest Island is home to 63 spectacular beaches and 20 beautiful bays, each one with its own special charm. From wide, stretching expanses of white sand, to quiet, private little coves, you will be certain to find a beach to fall in love on Rottnest Island.  

Here’s just a few of our favourites to start with: 

Thomson Bay

Access by bike or walking

This is where your ferry will arrive at Rottnest Island and will be your first glimpse of a Rotto beach. This long, sandy beach runs along the front of the cafés and restaurants, so it’s perfect if you want to head down with a coffee in hand or let the kids have a run around before lunch is served! Keep your eyes on the water as we often see green turtles and friendly stingrays in the shallows here thanks to the tropical Leeuwin Current.

Henrietta Rocks 

Access by bike, walking or Island Explorer Bus

Henrietta Rocks is a spectacular interest point for island explorers, whether you’re just wanting to admire the view or if you fancy a dip. The lookout point gives you epic views across the bay and if you look closely, you can see the wreck of ‘The Shark’ ship under the surface of the water. Head down the steps and enjoy flour-like sand and rugged outcrops hugging the coastline.

Parker Point 

Access by bike, walking or Island Explorer Bus

With its iconic soft white sand and clear turquoise waters, Parker Point is always a favourite with our guests. It’s stunningly beautiful, so it’s the perfect beach if you want to relax and soak up those island vibes. Head down the wooden staircase to paradise!

Strickland Bay 

Access by bike or walking

If you want to surf whilst on Rottnest Island, Strickland Bay is a popular spot, being ranked as one of the top 50 breaks in the world! Strickland Bay curves along the south side of the narrow neck (the isthmus) of Rottnest Island, providing a space to stretch out and enjoy the surf.

Rocky Bay 

Access by bike, walking or Island Explorer Bus

This beach is located on the northern side of the  narrow isthmus (or neck) of the island that connects the two “halves” of Rottnest Island. This beach looks a little different to the others as it has sand dunes. These sweeping dunes give it a vibe unlike any of its neighbours on the island and it’s usually a pretty quiet, relaxing spot. If you’re using the Island Explorer Bus, hop off at Narrow Neck (Stop 13) and walk down the Rocky Bay.

Ricey Beach 

Access by bike, walking or Island Explorer Bus

Ricey Beach is secluded and spectacular. You can expect the most exquisite turquoise water and stunning white sand. This beach is normally a little quieter as it’s further from Thomson Bay Settlement, so you’re bound to find a little spot just for you.

Little Armstrong Bay 

Access by bike, walking or Island Explorer Bus

This gorgeous little bay is a bit of a hidden gem, so if you’re looking for a quieter spot and want to enjoy some of the island’s best snorkelling, head here. The surrounding marine sanctuary zone and rocky outcrops are home to some species of marine life that you won’t find anywhere else along the island’s coastline – think large schooling fish, a maze of reefs and seagrasses.

Little Parakeet Bay 

Access by bike, walking or Island Explorer Bus

This beach isn’t on the bus route, so you’ll need to hop off at Little Armstrong Bay (Stop 17) and walk or cycle the last stretch – but it’s an incredible beach if you want to go for a swim. It’s a good choice if the water is choppy at Little Salmon as this bay is normally more sheltered and the water will be glassy and still.

Geordie Bay 

Access by bike, walking or Island Explorer Bus

Geordie Bay has one of the largest and most popular sandy beaches on the island. A number of holiday units are located here, which have some amazing views overlooking the stunning beach and ocean. Geordie Bay also has a General Store and Café, so you can grab supplies or treat yourself to morning tea.

The Basin 

Access by bike or walking

This is probably one of the most popular beaches on the island as it’s the closest to the Settlement and it is stunningly beautiful. This is a great place for kids or beginners to get used to snorkelling. The water is beautifully clear and the seagrass attracts a number of fish. The natural bowl or “basin” is a great place to look for fish and crustaceans.

Pinky Beach 

Access by bike or walking

Pinky Beach is close to the Settlement and is one of the widest and longest stretches of beach on the Island. The beautiful white sand and stunning blue gradients in the water will have you mesmerised. Look up and you’ll see the iconic Bathurst Lighthouse towering over you – how quintessentially Rottnest!

Top Tip: We recommend exploring the Island in a clockwise direction as the southern beaches are best and most sheltered from the breeze (aka the Freo Doctor) in the morning. This is also the way the Island Explorer Bus travels, so you can hop on and off whenever you see somewhere that takes your fancy!

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